New Tax Cut Proposal Could Help Business


Recently a state proposal was released to cut over $470 Million dollars in taxes on telephone, satellite, and TV.  If this bill were to pass, it would mean a 4.3% savings for the average household on its telecom expenses. Consumers are looking favorably upon this bill because it is a liquid injection of money into the economy.

Businesses will see the rewards as well. Reducing the state tax rate by 4.3% will impact businesses greatly. State taxes on telecom are very large as the average business pays 9.17% on their telephone and nearly 14% on their cable. This improvement in local businesses bottom lines could have a tremendous impact.

Will this bill affect the way telecom and TV carriers do business in Florida? As a business owner, could a 4.3% decrease in telecom bills make significant impact on your annual spend? If not what would be a great enough savings to make your company notice?

Tell us what you think, we want to know!