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Can New Technology and Process Improvements reduce costs for Healthcare?

What are the benefits of having an optimal and powerful telecom network and technologies for your organization?

You may be thinking sure there may be benefits, but probably expensive to incorporate…Right? Not true…actually in many cases newer technology can DO MORE FOR LESS!

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No matter what the industry, organizations are constantly looking to enhance their overall productivity, competitiveness and performance while controlling costs, if not even reducing them. Telecommunications is one area of any organization from health care, multi-location businesses, transportation, legal, finance to construction where reviewing telecom strategies and finding new ways of improving networks can not only reduce costs but increase efficiency. Many organizations not only use less-than-optimal technologies and telecom networks, but end up paying above-market prices, over buying capacity and not detecting ongoing billing errors.

Newer technologies can also help to streamline processes within your business and make your employees more efficient allowing you to re-purpose those hours saved and use them for more important tasks. Cloud and hosted technologies are helping businesses to connect and collaborate better than ever before while reducing dependence on expensive equipment that constantly needs maintenance and updates.

Today building a strong telecom strategy is important to not only reduce costs but improve performance.

Business Case: LT~CRS improves Orthopaedic Clinic telecom network and technology while reducing telecom expenses by over $100,000 a year.

From Information System Director, Orthopaedic Clinic

“I want to personally express how satisfying it is to have a business communication vendor like Limitless Technology to support our Orthopaedic Clinic in our efforts to continually improve our communication network and cutting costs.”

“From our first meeting to today, Limitless Technology’s staff have been extremely professional and knowledgeable. Whatever service requested whether it be:”

• Telecom billing audit which we still have in place today in TEM
• Work with Bright House TV to combine invoices for 8 offices to one statement
• Consult on Two-Way Radio selection
• Negotiate a renewal telecom contract with Century Link in 2011
• Selection of new Telecom company – Windstream in 2013
• Organize and plan the multi-site Telecom switch over from Century Link to Windstream
• Consult on a new fiber network architecture and vendor selection
• Negotiate a renewal contract with Bright House giving Jewett the redundant fiber service needed to remove the current AT&T fiber network for significant savings
• Improved fiber network
• Cutting edge Telephone system
• Ongoing TEM adjustments

Above are just some of the key services that Limitless Technology has provided for our Orthopaedic Clinic over the last two and a half years, and I am looking forward to continuing our trusted relationship for years to come. Limitless Technology is dedicated and passionate to provide the best possible outcome for its customer on any service in their strong portfolio of services.”

Telecommunications costs can be reduced in virtually every organization. Although changes in technology, markets, carrier issues, demand, and employee requirements seem to rise continually, there are many solutions that can reduce costs for any industry. View industries.

If you have questions on how newer, optimal technology can reduce telecom costs in your industry, or feel you may be just paying too much contact LT~CRS today.