Re: Limitless Technology CRS – (Cost Reduction Specialists)

Our company, Envoy Health Care, and an affiliate, Consulate Health Care, engaged Limitless Technology CRS to conduct a full audit of both companies and their subsidiaries’ telecom costs. The audit covered virtually every facet of our telecom usage and cost spectrum, including, local and long distance land lines, conference calling, cell phones, and broad band services and phone systems and internal telecom management. Our companies had grown rapidly and as a result of acquisitions, we inherited different phone systems, a myriad of circuit contracts and disparate telecom systems. We had the sense that we had a bit of a mess on our hands but didn’t quite know where to start to sort out our telecom usage and expense management.

We started the engagement with skepticism about the potential savings and ended the engagement astounded at how much money we had been wasting. We didn’t know what we didn’t know until we brought in professional who understood these services far better than our internal staff and who could devote the dedicated and focused resources to such a project. The results of the audit were impressive. At Limitless’ direction, we terminated and amended contracts and negotiated new contracts, dropped unused circuits, and changed our internal processes to pay much more attention to our telecom bills. We saved approximately $900,000 or 25% of our total telecom spending of $3.6 million. Limitless was professional, efficient and minimally disruptive to our staff. We’d highly recommend them to any company that spends significant dollars on telecom services.

Sincerely, Gene Curcio

Executive Vice President

Envoy Management Company, LLC

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