Limitless Technology assists clients by offering complete telecom contract management services to monitor contract compliance and suggest areas of cost reduction. Many companies experience problems with rates and charges that differ from the rates contained in a contract. Typically, when rates differ, it is not in the customer’s favor. Limitless Technology can help analyze the current contracts that are in place and renegotiate new contracts.

We have on-staff telecom consultants with specialized knowledge of the challenges involved in telecom contract negotiation.

Step 1: We work to understand the needs of our clients and match those needs with contracts that meet the expectations, budgets and services that our clients desire. Our vast understanding of the telecom industry allows us to offer our clients unprecedented levels of expertise in all matters regarding Telecom contract negotiation.

Step 2: In addition, we work with clients to plan for future changes that could impact the overall picture. We provide our clients with the flexibility needed to adapt to the constant changes in the telecom industry while still offering methods to minimize costs. From our client’s needs, we work with vendors who will propose multiple solutions to client’s needs.

Step 3: We typically undergo contract negotiations with numerous carriers to offer multiple proposals for our client to obtain the most aggressive pricing.

The proven RFI-RFP-RFQ process of evaluation ensures the finest obtainment of services and contracts for our clients.
Limitless Technology accepts no compensation from these carriers and is vendor-neutral offering unbiased advice and analysis of carriers and providers, along with their solutions. This allows us to approach negotiations from an objective point of view and provide the most cost-effective solutions for our clients.

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