expressor governance dashboardUnlike many of our competitors, our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) service begins after a telecom audit is complete.

The completion of a telecom audit assures your contract rates are negotiated, your prior and existing rates are adjusted, and we have presented your optimized monthly go-forward rates with reduced costs in place.

TEM is a comprehensive service where, either on a monthly or quarterly basis, we continue to review your bills to ensure that your telecom provider is keeping your companies’ best interest and costs in mind. As an additional part of our service, when new contracts open LT~CRS will also negotiate your new rates, terms, and conditions.

In addition to our monthly or quarterly personal reviews, Limitless Technology~CRS offers a web-based online telecom expense management through a cloud-based portal and dashboard.


With this innovative tool, companies can have just about all aspects of telecom services professionally managed including:

• Inventory
• Costs
• Contracts
• Assets
• Circuits
• MACDS (Moves, adds, changes and disconnects)
• Telephone Bill Auditing and processing monthly telecom invoices


Through our on-line software, telecom expense management is accomplished by giving you absolute visibility into your telecom spends. Whether it is long distance, Internet access, Wide Area Network (WAN/LAN), local services, audio conferencing or wireless, companies can have a complete view into what is coming and going into their telecom services through a sophisticated web-based portal. Telecom expense management with LT~CRS allows improved tracking of telecom spends, inventory management, and streamlined budget processing.

A complete inventory of your contracts and circuits are loaded and maintained through your portal for the purpose of base-lining when auditing an invoice before you pay one penny! Discrepancy reports are produced so invoice errors can be tracked and all credits and refunds can be facilitated on the client’s behalf. Also, LT~CRS will even assist with your carrier payment processing.

Contact us today at 866-504-4050 or LT~CRS info to learn more about this extremely efficient outsource tool and service.