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Telecom Management isn’t worth an IT Department’s Time.

Why is telecommunication services categorized under Information Technology (IT)?

IT Departments and technicians specialize in network and data processes. These tasks consume the resources of IT technicians. In addition, to managing telecom services – IT technicians and technology management are assigned the task of reviewing telecom charges for accuracy. In reality, most IT technicians lack the time, background and resources to properly validate telecom billing issues, nor in most cases do they want to be bothered with it.

Telecom billing management for an IT department becomes a headache for both the department and management who is waiting for a tech to review costs to ensure the proper charges were applied. In most cases technicians and managers are too busy with more pressing network, data, system and server issues delaying the time consuming auditing process now incurring more fees, frustration and unnecessary costs to be paid. Overseeing telecom billing every month causes strife and discontent when faced with the challenge of having limited expertise or resources in one or both areas.IT-Technician-Managing-Tele

What is the Solution? How can outsourcing telecom billing management help any company to alleviate the pressures caused to the IT department? Telecom management involves the monumental complexity in overseeing carrier services, plans, special agreements and costs. It’s ever changing and rapidly evolving. Most companies don’t have the in-house expertise for telecom billing review and management.

Close analysis of telecom billing can save businesses 25% or more every month. When telecom overcharges, incorrect rates, unexplained charges are continually overlooked by the all too busy IT department, who gets assigned the task of reviewing charges for accuracy, those charges add up costing the company hundreds to thousands every year!

LT~CRS through detailed analytical processes, efficient procedures and proven best practices, has provided over 25% savings on average to partnering Clients (and in some cases over 75%) on their current bills and contracted rates. Most companies do not have a person or department who has the time, expertise and resources to review billing line by line in order to catch and correct mistakes. This “over-paying” problem or concern may be the same in your company.

If so, and you need help or have questions about telecom billing outsourcing or any other questions about telecom charges, contact LT~CRS for a free consultation or analysis.