telecom processThe Process in 6 STEPS…


Step 1: Your company agrees to have your telecommunication costs audited

Step 2: Approximately ten days later, LT~CRS and your company will engage in a formal kick-off call. At that time, LT~CRS will:

  • introduce the team working on your audit
  • do an initial explanatory presentation
  • establish your personal audit timeline
  • clarify your company’s location’s contact information
  • review communication and processes involved in the audit

Step 3: After the kick-off call, your company will send us your billing information and telecom contracts, along with any required LOAs or defined documents necessary to work with the carriers on your behalf. This typically takes clients 15-30 days.

Step 4: Our team evaluates the data collected along with obtaining detailed records, utilization reports, and other elements necessary to compare against billing data reviewed. LT~CRS then works with your carriers to obtain credits and refunds for misappropriated charges, determined unnecessary services and remove these costs while negotiating new contract rates, terms, conditions and SLA’s; leading to huge savings and better contract positions.

Step 5: LT~CRS present our audit report to your company. The audit report is comprised of go-forward rate and service recommendations which your company approves before any action is taken.

Step 6: Once you approve our recommendations, LT~CRS works to set our recommendations into actions.
The Ultimate Result: Lower overhead costs for our clients, better contract positions and increased profits for your company.

Why Pay too much?
Our clients who engage in this service save on average 17-36% (some much more!) on their annual telecom spend, again the ultimate result being reduced costs and therefore increased profits.

Our telecommunications cost savings focus on many areas, our services cover:telephone-icon-grey
• wireless
• data circuits
• land-line inventory
• cellphone/smartphone
• telecom tax analysis
• telecom expense management
• telecom billing studies
• phone bill audit investigation services
• PBX investigations
• telecommunication security services

Contact us today at 866-504-4050 or LT~CRS info to arrange for a free consultative evaluation. Together, we will perform a predictive analysis to determine if our high-end service would be beneficial to your company.