That’s Right … 80% of Business Telecom Invoices have billing errors (Gartner Group)


More facts to highlight:
• U.S. Businesses have $13 Billion/year in Telecom Billing Over-Charges. (Gartner Group) Only 2% is ever recovered!
• U.S. businesses waste over $38 billion a year…mostly due to telephone company errors (Aberdeen).
• Up to 85% of mid-market company telecom bills are paid in full and are not audited by the organization.
• When telecommunications audit is conducted, billing analysts most often examine just a small subset of invoices associated with the largest spending leaving hundreds, thousands, even millions of dollars not found in other telecom spend areas.

Ready to save?

A Telecom Billing Optimization audit is the process of analyzing your complete telecom spends including reviews of your contract rates, terms and conditions through forensic – like process.
A telecom billing optimization would cover:
• Wireless
• Data circuits
• Land-line inventory
• Cellphone / smartphone
• Telecom tax analysis
• Telecom expense management
• Telecom billing studies
• Phone bill audit investigation services
• PBX investigations
• Telecommunication security services

Then after conducting an initial audit, Telecom Expense Management (TEM) can be provided – an ongoing monthly review of your complete telecom spend is put into place.

The Telecom Audit and Optimization provides a solid set of cost saving recommendations on some key areas of your telecom spend. Some of the savings recommendations cover the following:
• Hidden Charges
• Overage Charges
• Unused (Zero Usage)
• Optimization of Plan Minutes
• Cramming
• Slamming
• Text Plan Optimization
• Data Plan Optimization
• Missing or incorrect discounts
In addition to the above Telecom Savings recommendations, the following set of additional savings opportunities are also factors, each of which can save on your telecom spend.
• Alternative Plans (within a contract)
• Rearrange Users
• Standby/Pay as you go plans
• Association discounts/plans
• Government plans
• Group Purchasing Organizations or Consortiums
• High/Low Strategy
• Older/Unpublicized plans
• Seasonal usage
• Unpublicized Features
• Tax exemptions
• Suspension of devices

If you have questions regarding telecom expense management contact LT~CRS.