Cloud Computing - Limitless TechnologyCloud Communications is  more than simply VoIP, hosted PBX, CaaS or Unified Communications. It’s an entirely new way to build, deploy, and scale enterprise communications systems. It goes further than VoIP & UC to reduce equipment costs, provide higher-definition services with unmatched quality, and deliver a platform of advanced features that allow employees to work in ways – and places – they never imagined. However… The Cloud is not the right solution for every business and must be carefully explored as to what can, and will work, for your business.

Cloud Communications gives small, medium and enterprise businesses more powerful alternative communication vehicles that drive employee productivity and satisfaction; more scalable communications that adapt quickly and efficiently to changing business conditions and easily managed communications that free IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives; and reduced operational and capital costs. In short – a completely different enterprise communications experience.  Tens of thousands of companies like yours are saving money and improving productivity by adopting cloud computing – are you ready?   If you’re not sure, the experts at Limitless Technology can help.

Cloud Computing - Limitless TechnologyYou’ll learn how cloud computing can transform your finance organization and the key questions to ask about:

Business requirements– Will I need to change my business if I want to use cloud computing?

Availability– What should I look for if I want to access information from my business at anytime, from anywhere I have an Internet connection?

Reliability and Security– Is cloud computing more or less reliable and secure than running my own software in-house?

Data Ownership– What happens if I discontinue my subscription to a cloud-based system?

Customization– How can I be sure that cloud-based applications can be customized to meet the exact needs of my business?

As part of your SWOT analysis, determine first which path your practice will take: local, “in the cloud,” or a hybrid of both. Then and only then procure your IT infrastructure to meet the software, hardware, and network requisites for that application, in that order.

The key is finding the right technology or integration partner and correctly implementing and utilizing information technology which will offer your practice enormous benefits, local, cloud computing, or a hybrid of the two. Your practice will then have better access to healthcare services and information that would subsequently result in improved outcomes, fewer errors, and increased cost savings – a sunny forecast.

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