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If TIME is MONEY then…

As discussed in the last blog, one of the biggest fears of the average business person is wasting time. Fear of wasting time is also the reason your tablet connects to your phone, which connects to your Linkedin account, which connects to your email….which connects to your calendar. And until the iPhone 6 directly connects to their cereberal cortex, Executives will not be satisfied!

Because Limitless Technology knows how fearful a Top Executive can be of wasting time (soft costs) and losing profits (hard costs) , it has developed a cure: easy money. Yes, Limitless Technology is now guaranteeing that if it cannot save your company money on your telecom spend and wastes your time, it will give you $1,000. All you have to do is go to or call (866) 504-4050 answer a few additional qualifying questions and details, agree to the conditions of the audit, and provide Limitless Technology  your telecom bills.

“Businesses find it hard believe how much we can save them money on their telecom spend. So, it’s simply putting your money where your mouth is.” said Todd Larsen, CEO of Limitless Techmology, when this new promotion was released.

Yes, it is that easy.