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Top 5 Reasons Businesses Do Not Audit Telecom and Utility Billing …

Most companies are fully aware there is savings potential in their telecom and utility billing.

We know that. We hear it frequently. So we have to ask … why invoices are paid in full every month by large firms and organizations with multiple locations without a comprehensive review to optimize expenses. Here’s why …Telecom-Cost-Savings-Billin


Like any service offering, companies and organizations have concerns regarding cost and value of service. Because we acknowledge your highly accredited concerns, we hope to hear from you personally…to let us know why you haven’t initiated a cost saving program and ongoing maintenance for your telecom and utility invoices. We have addressed a few of the concerns we have heard and questions we have been asked, in hopes to address your concerns as well;

1. They have used a company in the past and they didn’t find any savings.

FACT: Many “auditors” are not necessarily auditing your expenses. They are vendors only looking to put you in a new contract. Putting you in a new contract may not provide a savings or it may only provide a temporary savings. And it most likely will not address SLA’s, MTTR’s and T&C’s that can inadvertently “hurt” or affect you…both in the short and long term.

2. Businesses are afraid that an audit will be too time consuming.

FACT: We minimize the amount of disruption by knowing exactly what we need from your organization, and have a proven process which utilizes our resources and limits any time pulled away from your business obligations. We understand you are busy running your organization, and that is why we are here to take the burden of auditing costly telecom and utility bills. We find and provide the savings, so you can focus on your core business

3. You may feel in your business that there are people already responsible for auditing.

FACT: You most likely have highly intelligent and GREAT people, But IT, AP, Finance and Admin professionals don’t normally have the knowledge or expertise to truly audit telecom and utility billings. The complexities of multi-location service contracts, third party fees, promos, services inventory, taxes, tariff and other fees have become and have been historically difficult to audit. Especially difficult with so many other tasks that are already assigned to these individuals. In most cases what occurs is…bills are paid with errors, or without the discovery of these large cost saving opportunities.

4. Hiring Audit experts may give the impression that the business does not trust the individuals responsible for in-house auditing.

FACT: Again, You most likely have highly intelligent and GREAT people however, these individuals in our experience and in most cases, are not trained in telecom and utility auditing. It takes years of experience to uncover, interpret, analyze, and find solutions with many variables, benchmarks and superior contract negotiation strategies/tactics to truly find the best solutions and costs for your business.

5. Businesses are leery about services that cost “nothing up front”, or how much it will cost overall

FACT: We understand. However, you can NEVER lose money with our service. ONLY when you save – do we both get compensated. So you have nothing to lose – and everything to gain. We are so confident we will find significant savings we back it by a 110% Money Back Guarantee!

There may be other reasons why your organization has not had a comprehensive telecom or utility audit. It would be an honor for us to hear your concerns and how we can address those issues with you individually. Feel free to contact us with your questions. We are looking forward to finding cost saving solutions for you and your organization.












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