Training - Limitless TechnologyAt Limitless Technology, we realize that off-site training is not always feasible for our clients. That’s why we also offer the  option of on-site training. You’ll receive expert instruction and tailored curriculum, delivered to your facility or the location of your choice. Save time and money by training a small or large group with our private, On-Site delivery method. Get everything you need for seamless On-Site training:

  • Expert and experienced instructors
  • Tailored curriculum – Based on your network or solutions, not just theory
  • Flexibility in scheduling

We put in place a solid, valuable and long-lasting understanding of conventional telecom, IP, wireless and emerging technologies. It is our goal to present a clear, cohesive picture and structured understanding and provide you with a good knowledge of your network.  We can help individuals and companies to fulfill their telecommunications training needs. If you are any one of following then our Training is for you:

>  Project leaders responsible for dealing with specification and implementation of communication and network projects.

>  Technical sales and marketing personnel, customer configuration analysts and managers from telecom operators, ISPs, VPN and VoIP providers needing to fill in the gaps and build a structural knowledge of technologies, services, equipment and mainstream solutions.

>  Those new to the business needing to get up to speed quickly.

>  Professionals requiring an overview of telecom, wireless and IP technologies, services, mainstream solution and industry trends.

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