Utility Billing Auditing



75% of companies on average are overcharged or have savings opportunities on utility expenses through calculation errors and discrepancies billed by utility providers. Why OVERPAY?

As with telecom, cable and internet, utility bills can also reflect a number of errors. For Example, many electric and water meters are still read visually and a single wrong digit can send power, water and sewer bills skyrocketing. And worse those who are mistakenly charged are usually forced to pay the high bill to avoid being shut off. In some cases, even when the utility company admits fault, it will only issue a future “credit”, and not refund the overcharge.

It has been said, “You cannot manage risk without managing information.”  LIMITLESS manages the information companies need to manage:

  • usage
  • expense
  • budgets
  • sustainability

and all the other risks posed by a complicated utility environment. Most in-house auditors do not have the time or expertise to carefully review invoices for complex billing issues.

We can review your electric, gas, fuel, water, sewer, and cable/internet bills.

Our comprehensive Billing Optimization services include:

  • Shared-based audit.  Our fees are paid from the refund or reduction in the costs charged to your organization.  We only get paid when you get a refund or savings!
  • Comprehensive review of your utility bills.  We will identify errors related to:
  1. Meter-read errors
  2. Rates not in accordance with your contracts
  3. Meter malfunctions
  4. Wrong meter types installed by the utility
  5. Clerical errors in bill computations
  6. Incorrect factors applied by the utility

LIMITLESS obtains refunds by finding and eliminating errors and overcharges from utility providers. There is no-risk or obligation on the client’s behalf. The utility companies put the responsibility on you to assure your billing is accurate.

Utility Audits for the following utility expenses are performed by LIMITLESS:

  • Gas
  • Heat
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Waste/Trash
  • Sewer
  • Cable/Internet

Many businesses assume their utility expenses are accurate just because they “look” right and fit the budget. The utility companies put the responsibility on you to assure your billing is accurate. Take control of your costs! There is a minimal time commitment that is required on your part.

LIMITLESS brings a strong staffing bench and advanced technologies, which has enabled us to successfully recover hundreds of millions of dollars on our clients’ behalf. Our expert staff conducts thorough and effective utility bill audits which, in addition to the cost reductions on clients’ bills, also result in pinpointing operational waste and physical efficiency improvements. Our experience has taught us the best methods to use when dealing with your utility companies so that you get the savings that you deserve.

Collectively, our utility bill audits result in greater overall savings. Most importantly, these results are typically delivered year after year, as part of our commitment to continuous results. We are dedicated to identifying and implementing long-term plans to generate savings for all of our clients, while understanding the unique challenges each industry faces. Rates and utility schedules change, and it’s important to keep current. We help businesses, companies, non-profits and municipalities reduce operating costs.

At LIMITLESS our mission is to uncover errors and billing discrepancies, while eliminating any unnecessary charges to ensure our client’s utility invoices will be accurate and efficient.

Contact us today at 866-504-4050 to arrange for a free consultative evaluation. Together, we will perform a predictive analysis to determine if our high-end service would be beneficial to your company.