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Vendor Billing Errors Cost Businesses Millions

Even a slight over-charge can add up to a considerable amount over time.

No matter how corporate billing is done, it’s a mistake to think that billing today is computerized and accurate.

Companies of all sizes can make mistakes; even one missed keystroke can turn into a billing error over-charging a business (your business). Sometimes billing errors go on unchecked for months or even years, and end up costing businesses millions of dollars.

Vendor / Service Provider Billing Errors

Cable TV, phone, internet, and other communication services on are essential services for businesses. However, there are some very common telecom and utility billing errors that customers should watch out for.

  • – Billing past the cancellation date: Telecom companies may continue to invoice monthly charges after the customer has requested a cancellation. This can occur for years after the cancellation and in some cases even after the business has moved from its location.
  • – Incorrect rates being charged: In some cases businesses are charged incorrect rates for the services being performed. This happens when the initial discounts are not honored or applied upon renewals. This can be caused by an oversight on behalf of the provider or misleading agreements that set limitations in disclaimers.
  • – Charging for services the company did not request. Charging for services the business did not request? Sounds impossible right? It does happen and more often than you might think. Services like internet faxing or network monitoring are added to the account and the customers pay additional fees unknowingly for these services.
  • – 3rd Party Fees: The most frustrating section of your telecom invoice is “Third Party Billing.”  These fees occur when your telecom vendor simply acts as a billing agent. These fees are usually for services that your company does not use. Situations like this are referred to as “slamming” or “cramming” fees. In many cases these fees are overlooked and are not questioned. Errors and overage charges in these telecom billing components allow companies to be taken advantage of, and these billing inconsistencies are costing your company money.
  • – Utility Company Errors: As with telecom, cable and internet, utility bills can also reflect a number of errors. For Example, many electric and water meters are still read visually and a single wrong digit can send power, water and sewer bills skyrocketing. And worse those who are mistakenly charged are usually forced to pay the high bill to avoid being shut off. In some cases, even when the utility company admits fault, it will only issue a future “credit”, and not refund the overcharge.

The best way to avoid vendor billing errors and overcharges is for commercial customers and businesses, to monitor their usage history and billing statement every month. When high rates or suspicious charges appear, the vendor/service provider should be contacted and an attempt made to resolve it.

For questions about your invoices and possible errors including information about our Vendor Management Solution contact LIMITLESS at 866-504-4050.