Vendor Management Analyst shares experience with Audit Experts at LIMITLESS Resulting in Expense Saving to Partners Federal Credit Union

December 13, 2017

Re: Limitless Technology Cost Reduction Specialists (LT-CRS)
To Whom It May Concern:

It was noted by Partners Federal Credit Union that an audit of all the various telecom accounts
had not been done in a number of years, if ever. After a quick Google search, LT-CRS was found
and contact was established. Their response was prompt and thorough and we quickly decided
that out of the various companies we contacted for this kind of service, LT-CRS was the way to

Most of our initial contact included the CEO, Todd Larsen, and that was very important to us.
We were very impressed that Todd took such a personal interest in his clients and worked very
close in the beginning to ensure that the audit started off successful. Right from the beginning
they were transparent about their work, their methods and how they would do their best to find
us the best savings possible.

Our team at LT-CRS worked hard to get us the best possible deals, identify old and unused
phone lines (we were paying for 3 random personal landlines for who knows how many years!!),
and reduce our wireless bills while also increasing our data limits! Who knew any of that was

LT-CRS will do the work that companies can’t do on their own because they have the expertise
and the personnel to get it done for you! We hope that our relationship with LT-CRS continues
to grow over the years and they will help us audit other services as well.
Thank you Todd, Cindy and team!

Ellen Plummer
Vendor Management Analyst