Vendor management comprises all of the processes required to manage these third-party vendors that deliver services and products to institutions.

Significant effort is required from both the institution and the third-party vendor to maximize the benefits received from the relationship, service, or product, while simultaneously minimizing associated risks. As the scale, scope, and complexity of these relationships and services increase, the related risks and the importance of effective vendor management should proportionately increase.

LIMITLESS offers a fully managed solution to ensure you are “paying for what you are receiving”. Ensuring contract terms are met as well as compliance standards. Tracking any potential risks, optimizing your billing and managing all contract and agreements in one central software solution.

Outsourcing vendor management to a third party will also help standardize processes; and consistency helps enable the transparency essential to effective governance. This helps to alleviate flawed data, and costly mistakes.

Our software will not only house every contract, service agreement, warranty or renewal agreement, but we also manage negotiations for better rates and terms saving your business from unnecessary fees and costs while maintaining quality standards for all industries …

If you would like more information regarding our fully managed vendor management solution contact LIMITLESS at (866) 504-4050.