We will help you SUCCEED and help your clients SAVE!

Limitless Technology has saved millions of dollars for clients across the USA.

You already provide excellent services to your customers. Limitless Technology can add a new suite of products and services to your business offerings.

At Limitless Technology, we are not agents or resellers of vendors or supplier services. Instead, we provide the finest vendor management, bill auditing, rate reduction, contract optimization, and expense management consulting in the USA. Our experts utilize a powerful vendor management technology and cost reduction process.

These tools remove issues related to vendor management and helps technical, operational, financial, and procurement teams: improve departmental costs, reduce inherent facility affecting risks, fill gaps in AP processing, and deliver consistently proven results.

We are proud of the trust that our Client’s place with Limitless Technology… and passionate about reducing risks and increasing our Client’s bottom-line profitability. Limitless Technology’s specialties include:

  • Vendor Profile & Risk Assessment – Mitigating clients costs and fears surrounding Non-compliance
  • Audits, Billing, Corrective and Preventive Actions – Drives out Unnecessary Costs and Improves Profits
  • Performance Monitoring, Analytics, and Reporting – Provides a Clear View of costs for Budgeting and Financial Analysis
  • Contract Compliance and Negotiations – Improves Terms and Conditions, Long Term Profits, and Reduces Cost Creep.
Join our team and offer this broad set of vendor management solutions and cost reduction services to your clients. Let us help you improve their profits…AND YOURS!

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At Limitless Technology, we are dedicated to building lasting relationships with our clients and exceeding their expectations with top-notch service and support. You already provide excellent services to your customers. Becoming an Agent for Limitless Technology adds a new suite of products and services to your business offerings. Our Agent Programs are open to Business and Consultant Professionals who demonstrate the knowledge and confidence to introduce Limitless Technology Vendor Management Solutions and Cost Reduction Services to their Clients. By partnering with Limitless Technology, you are extending your capabilities and gaining a competitive advantage.

Be recognized not only as a top level supplier… but one which truly cares about improving your customer’s bottom line, and providing the additional resources they need to be successful.

Both programs have the full support of the Limitless Technology team

  • No sales quotas
  • Large commissions
  • Marketing support and resources (including Co-branded materials)


Lead Agent Referral (LAR)

The LAR Program is designed to make it simple on you and still have the benefit of large commission potential.

Our Lead Agent Referral Program was created to reward organizations, or individuals, who refer opportunities to Limitless Technology that result in new business. All you have to do is favorably position Limitless Technology to the potential customer/organization and facilitate an introduction between both parties. When that introduction leads to a signed contract, we will reward you!

Program Benefits

  • No office paperwork or contracts to complete
  • Simply make introductions and lay the foundation to
    successful sale
  • Limitless Technology will:
    • Present the Company Value Proposition to Potential
    • Fully handle the sales opportunity
    • Compensates the referring Agent

Business Development Agent (BDA)

The BDA Program is designed for Agents who prefer to work directly with qualified businesses.

BDA’s prefer to promote, market and explain our services directly to their Clients from the initial contact to contract fulfillment. Simply put you do the selling and bring Limitless Technology a signed contract. This program pays a higher commission and is preferred by Agents who feel comfortable with the sales process and want a higher commission.

Program Benefits

  • Higher commission structure
  • Enhanced value to the client
  • Expanded service offering
  • Upon closing the sale, Limitless Technology will:
    • Finalize Contract & Set up Kick-Off Call
    • Perform the Contract related Actions
    • Help your Clients be more efficient and cost