App Overloading Can Have Major Consequences

too-many-apps (1)

Your first response was most likely “No, all my apps are things I want and who are you to tell me otherwise?”

You are, of course, correct. You paid several hundreds of dollars for your phone and you should download every app your heart desires. However, do you really need that National Park Mobile App you downloaded for your family trip to Yosemite? Or maybe you could get rid of that mobile app your daughter asked you to download that has a mouth that moves when you put your face behind the phone (Yes, both of those apps exist). There are over 350,000 mobile apps available on ITunes and I have seen phones that make me believe the owner has downloaded all of them.

So? Why is this a problem?

Well there are two reasons that app abuse may negatively affect your life. First, If you have five pages of applications on your phone, then you probably get about 250-400 push notification per week. Push notifications are messages apps send when they have a new feature or update or someone has talked to you or about you. 99.999999999% of these notifications are unnecessary to your life, but we treat them as thing that deserve more attention than our child’s first big Piano concert (no judgment). You are already as executive at work, had/have kids at home, and (hopefully have an active social life…are these apps worth the extra drain on your time and stress level really what you want?

The fact that they distract you is one thing, but an even bigger problem is that those 500 apps you downloaded free may be creating secret charges on your phone bill, which is especially bad if your company gave you your phone! This app tactic is called “slamming and cramming” and could cost your hundreds of dollars per year without you ever knowing (Our CEO is an expert on slamming and cramming, he describes exactly what it is and how it is done on a FOX 35 investigative report, which can be watched here).

We respect how customized every person’s phone is and how it reflects one’s personality. Yet, please make sure if your company’s expenses are getting out of control in the telecommunications world, to watch out for things like this. This is just one of the many things LT~CRS will scan your business environment for that you may have never knew existed.