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While bundling up with your loved ones, make sure you watch your company’s bundling…

Every carrier sells a bundle as a money saving option, but does bundling really save your business money?

In some cases yes and in some cases no. The key is to know exactly what services are included in the bundle and what actual costs they are adding for those services.

Example: the carrier bundles a phone line with what they call “unlimited long distance”.

What is not normally known is that unlimited long distance is being charged at on average of $15 to $20 dollars per line. At an average long distance rate of 5 cents per minute this is not paid for until you have used 300-400 minutes of long distance. If you are not doing at least that much long distance, you are literally giving money to the carrier.

So to answer the question yes, bundles can save you money. However, you need to know exactly what is included and that the services being offered are actually services you benefit from.