Don’t You Wish There Were Business Plumbers?

Often, companies use pipelines. You have sales pipelines, communication pipelines, and obviously the water and power “pipe”-lines that keep on the company running.

So a business is a series of pipes, and even the most reliable old pipes and the best new pipes money can sprout leaks. These leaks may not cause your whole business to flood and be ruined, but eventually even the smallest leaks can cause huge amounts of damage. For example, if one employee is talking to your company’s competitor about your strategy for the next fiscal year, that could do allot of damage. In the same way, if your bills are being charged small additional superfluous charges, in the long run that could cost you millions!

Unfortunately, leaks in your company’s pipelines aren’t as easy to spot as physical leaks, because it’s easier for people to justify company leaks. Phrases such as “this is the way it’s always been” and “we don’t have the time to look into this” don’t often surface when your shoes are filling up with water.

So make sure your company takes the time to look at all your pipelines thoroughly, and if they don’t know what to look for, or find major leaks and don’t know how to fix them…Call a business plumber! There are many companies that say they will fix your leaks, but there are certain reliable companies that work to fix these leaks so they don’t become a problem in the long run. Those reliable companies will always have many customers that are willing to give referrals and speak with potential new customers about the services they received.

Limitless Technology ~ Cost Reduction Specialists is here to fix all your telecom “leaks” and problems. Using a contingency based~no risk model, we specialize in reducing companies’ telecom and technology monthly recurring expenses by removing inaccuracies, obtaining credits and negotiating better go forward contract rates.

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