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“Is a no cost upfront offer too good to be true?” Or “is it that hard to trust someone new nowadays?”



Recently after a late work out, I decided I would meet my wife and her friend at a local restaurant. I had not yet eaten dinner, so I thought I would pick up something light to eat while I was there.

After looking at the menu, I decided on an appetizer, and I decided to order an adult beverage too.  A few minutes later I was brought my drink, and then a few minutes after that my food. After a nice discussion, some enjoyable food and the consumption of my beverage the waitress brought my bill and let me know I had a “2 for1″ offer still available to me. Since I was completely satisfied and ready to go, I turned to the nice couple next to me and asked the young lady if she would like the second drink from my ” 2 for 1″  ?


To my surprise she and her significant other refused my offer of a free or no risk drink. Now they had just arrived so there was no reason to not accept it except for trust, or the feeling they would in some way owe me something. After a bit of explaining, and a testimonial from my wife and the waitress, they finally understood what I was trying to offer and thanked me profusely, apologizing for not listening to what value I  was originally trying to give them. Of course this made me feel dogwood inside to help another and share my goods while helping them save some money.

As I walked out of the restaurant it struck me funny how people react to new situations; although I was with my wife and the beverage had not yet been made, there was still doubt and hesitancy because the offer was seemingly too good to be true.

Then it struck me even harder…this is the same way many customers act towards our Company’s service offerings.

Our business is to offer contingency based (no upfront monies) no risk telecom and technology auditing and billing optimization services. We provide a deep dive forensic like review of their current monthly recurring bills finding: errors and inaccuracies then obtaining credits and refunds for our Clients, while renegotiating their contract rates where applicable to achieve the best go forward pricing and reduced recurring costs.

Yet, like with our young lady/couple when introducing our offering the hesitancy from the potential Client seems to be lack of trust, or a “too good to be true syndrome”, no matter how good the service offering may be to the aspect of their bottom line profitability. However, like with my wife and the waitress, we have incredible testimonials to back up who we are and what we do providing inherent quality and integrity in everything we do.

Morale of the story I would say is: While it may be hard to trust someone or something new, don’t underestimate the value of the offering, and at the same time, don’t be afraid to listen to the testimony of others so you can make more profitable decisions quicker…keeping your improved bottom line in mind.