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If Our Company Only Had the Money…

If you only had the money? 

How many times has that question been raised in your mind as a business, owner, operator, Executive Leader? Once, twice, hundreds, or maybe even thousands of times? You’ve thought about the plans, the strategies and the ways you’d use it to build your business even greater. You’ve already envisioned where you would be and how your company could be a leader or remain a leader with little worries from the competition.

So what do you do?

Borrow it, leverage your company to investors, pull funds from one area to another, and of course many other tactics to get cash. But how often do you look internally? How often do you seek efficiencies that could save you thousands maybe millions? Or do you suffer from what many top leaders do…”blindeyedness syndrome” A condition which places a “rose colored lens” over the leader’s eyes, painting a picture that is better than it really is. “Blindeyedness syndrome” makes the leader believe that no matter what, his/her people have it handled and there is NO way anyone could help them be better, more efficient or more cost effective. A serious and potentially fatal condition when left without proper treatment


But that’s okay because there is good news, this is not an incurable condition! With the right “eye drops” ‘ eye sight aids, “open-mindedness” surgery and counseling sessions, it can be rapidly cured. Curing “blindeyedness” comes down to overcoming the first condition which created it, “inspecting what you expect”. A disease which makes you look for what you believe is happening in your organization not what actually is.

Like going to the doctor for a physical, often times we fail to take care of things that if caught early can be treated properly or removed, before the condition becomes incurable. And even then, doesn’t the doctor send you to a “specialist” to go even deeper into the investigation of what may be hurting you?

You seek this expert help because you need it. Like seeking the doctor’s “medical expertise”, no matter how good your employees may be, you wouldn’t expect them to be an “expert”  in everything in your business would you?

We didn’t think so.

We believe deeply in your communication systems. They are like the pulmonary, heart, and nervous system of your company. Your Company deserves the best treatment and care. We suggest you seek “independent 3rd party expert advice” using a true “specialist” to ensure you are healthy and treat the symptoms that could overtime create fatal conditions.