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Confusion and Billing – they seem to go hand in hand.

Working with our Clients we are always amazed at some of the nonsense providers bill them for with no explanation or notification.

A recent example from one of our assisted living facilities with over 16 locations to manage …

“I have no idea what that past due of $260.62 is. And I truly do appreciate all that you have done. As far as the phone bills that they credited us back on, are they issuing us a check for these amounts?”

“Yes, thank you Shan. This is all so confusing. We appreciate that you understand all this stuff!”

It’s not just understanding billing, businesses can try to sort out the fees, charges, taxes and discounts (if any) and match with contractual agreements but the true challenge is finding the TIME. Organization(s) are using their valuable resources to sort out billing on a monthly basis. What is that costing? Once discrepancies are found the same resources are removed from other task(s) to HUNT down the appropriate representative to research the error, make adjustments and refund the credits. AND with the absence of alerts for future billing variances and errors the same cycle continues MONTH over MONTH.

Want to know more about the right tools and expert resources to #OPTIMIZE your BILLING?

With a Vendor Management Solution contract experts can negotiate a fixed rate for a particular service. The contract terms must be met ensuring that both parties are aware of what is expected and any variances will be flagged and the vendor will be held accountable for any charges and changes outside of the agreed terms.

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