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Performance Benchmarking to REDUCE VENDOR RISKS

A company today cannot succeed if they are not always thinking and CHALLENGING the question “HOW CAN I MAKE THINGS BETTER”.
How does MY COMPANY compare to similar companies. AM I doing EVERYTHING I can to ensure my vendors are PERFORMING at the LEVELS established in our initial contracts?
Are you consistently checking in with Vendors to ensure quality performance from the established guidelines? OR is this your scenario … They been a vendor for so many years you just assume they are giving you the best rate, the best service, the most efficient process, the most competitive pricing and anything else they SHOULD be providing you to BEST serve your buyers, patients, customers. YOUR REPUTATION is ALWAYS at STAKE with Vendors!
Have you EVER REALLY given that ANY THOUGHT?
YOU TAKE RISKS EVERY DAY that your VENDORS are GOING to PERFORM to the standards needed to run your business smoothly.
SET THE MARK! What do you expect? Where is it documented? How do you retrieve the information? Interpret it? Analyze it and do you HAVE FULL Visibility into your Vendors Standards and Performance Guidelines?

Let us know if you would like to know more about how to BEST Manage your vendors. It really is about your reputation. When they fail to meet requirements your business feels the PAIN. Start making improvements NOW that will secure the reputation of your business.

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