How Can Employees Make A Company-wide Impact?


The answer to the question above is cost reduction! Every single company on earth is looking for ways to increase profits and reduce overhead. Being able to do one or the other will make you stand out above the rest.

Recently, Limitless Technology~CRS read the article “Be a Bottom-Line Contributor by Saving Your Company Money” written by a senior contributing author at Monster. In the article, the author tells several stories of employees coming up with excellent ideas that helped save their companies a great deal of money. Some of the ideas were:

1. An employee who invested in a bulk mailing machine to save their hospital a million dollars a year!
2. A process improvement change that led to radiation therapy being cheaper and quicker for the patient
3. A marketing agent buying discount chairs for her company as opposed to constantly renting expensive chairs.

Limitless Technology~CRS supports cost savings of all kinds, whether it is by internal or external resources. The examples above of cost savings are brilliant because they saved companies money by simply looking at an existing process and making it more cost efficient.

Companies need talent to look into current company processes and make sure the processes are up to date with new advancements and ways to save. For example, although the new radiation therapy process created in Example 2 saved the company a significant amount of money, the process can, most likely, be further improved once the company’s talent grows accustomed to the new process and notices ways to make it even better.

Being an innovator is a fantastic thing in a company, especially, in regards to cost savings and reducing bottom-lines. The question is how do you proceed if you have not found a process you believe you can modify to save money?

A very simple solution to this issue is to find a trustworthy, reliable, and recommended third party resource that focuses on cost reduction. These companies already have the skills necessary to generate savings. A special few are even able to find huge savings where you never expected, like saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on something as common as the company’s phone bills.

Limitless Technology ~ CRS would like to know: Do you think it is important to save the company you work for money? Leave your comment below!