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Doing Business the Navy SEAL Way – Making Decisions

Sometimes Business Feels Like War

Constant information is being shot at you in a competitive environment. At times you have all the information you need to make important and fast decisions, but most of the time you have pieces of information coming in from all sides and don’t have enough time to collect more. Since the business world is so tactical, why not take advice from the experts, Navy Seals. They have to come up with creative solutions quickly and must always be adaptable while making decisions that could cost soldiers their lives (Much more important than a lost contract). So here is how the SEALS are trained to make decisions:war business

1.       Organize the Chaos – Start sourcing the information.  If the VP of Sales gives you differing information from the COO, but the problem being discussed is primarily an operations problem, you may want to listen to the COO because he is much closer to the problem.

2.       Stay Informed– In a chaotic environment, decisions come easier when you are constantly informed. Make sure you know your company’s current economic environment, strategy, and press.

3.       Seek Advisement- Even in a quick decision scenario, there is always time to ask a trusted adviser to take an outside view. Sometimes experts with outside perspective can see solutions that those involved in the situation cannot see. More eyes and ears lead to better strategy in both the military and in business.

Navy SEALS and business people make quick decisions to either win (war/business) or save (lives/money). Of course, we always think of winning as the more important of the two, but really saving is the most important choice. We need to make sure we live to see another day. No battle is a victory if your entire army is lost. The same concept can be attributed to business. If you are spending a lot of money when you do not need too, the consequence is lower margins, less investor buy-in, and finally less profitability.

Make sure your investing in timely decisions that end up saving your company money and, in the long run, winning you company investors and business. Making quick decisions can stop your company’s bleeding (money loss) before it leads to more serious problems that could affect your company’s long term health.

When you need to improve your business telecom and utility infrastructure or implement new business cost reduction processes, having an expert outside point of view can often be critical for the best outcomes. Call for a FREE consultation LT~CRS NATIONWIDE: 866-504-4050. And Yes…we WILL call back!