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Extreme Ways Businesses Try to Cut Costs

Allot of companies need to cut costs in these troublesome times. Although we are officially “out of the recession,” Real GDP has not bounced back making families hold tight to their wallets and making businesses do the same. Here are some crazy ways businesses are trying to tighten their belts:

1. Turn off the air conditioning: A work environment is supposed to be comfortable so employees can work more efficiently , but some companies are cranking up the heat! Office’s thermostats used to be set cool (about 70 – 72 degrees) now trends have shown the thermostat set higher and higher with a lock on the box.

2. Remove the water coolers: Yes, this minor office luxury has been removed from many offices for two reasons. First, it provides an area for more social aspects of business (gossip) which breeds employee inefficiency. Second, the cost of reordering the coolers themselves have some companies telling employees to use a water fountain.

3. Up the Vending machine prices: Remember a time when grabbing a snack at your office was cheaper than anywhere else? Not anymore, that snickers that used to be a dollar now may cost you twice that price! This may help your waist size, but it definitely won’t be helping your wallet.

4. Pay to Park: The saying is true that nothing in life comes free, but having to pay to get to your job is ridiculous! As our little world gets more and more industrialized and homes keep popping up faster and faster, we are seeing the space for parking getting smaller and smaller. Companies are taking advantage of this by making employees pay for decals so they can park their cars on company lots! I know they say that you have to spend money to make money but the “Pay to Park” idea may be a bit over the top.

These companies may just not be aware of some much better ways to reduce spend without sacrificing the happiness of their employees!

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