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The KudoCase is the PERFECT Companion!

Recently, my daughter went back to the University of Florida to start her second year. She walked into her first class only to realize she had 10% battery on her iPad. Obviously she ran to the charger but realized that all the class’ outlets were outdated and her charger fell right out of them.

This is how my daughter describes them...but she has a tendency to be dramatic!


She uses her iPad in college because it is more portable and taking notes is very easy on it. Realizing she didn’t have a pen or paper, she had to scour the crowd for a pen and pencil. In that process, she stepped on two people’s feet and was yelled at by her professor for interrupting class discussion. I wish my daughter had taken my advice and put a KudoCase on her iPad.

The KudoCase would have allowed her to charge her iPad on the synthetic light in the room. She always talks about how important recycling and saving the environment is, well the KudoCase collects wasted energy and utilizes it instead of using more resources by taking energy from an outlet. She is also very forgetful…but with the KudoCase finding her iPad would never be a problem again. All she has to do is whistle and the KudoCase emits a noise that helps you find it.

Always letting you know where it is

The KudoCase saved my daughter a lot of hardship, and Limitless Technology Cost Reduction Strategies can save your business allot of hardship. We make your telecom bills as low as possible so that you can buy your kids things like KudoCases!

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