Would it be fair to say that data is safer in the cloud? Why or why not?


In the technology sphere, this question gets asked a lot. If information is floating and not saved in a physical place, isn’t it easier to steal?

Well a trick question always deserves a trick answer!

Security is 100% dependant on all the relative components, network and software related to the level of security desired. While there are some inherent aspects of the cloud that could be considered more secure, there are other that would think access to data by anyone outside a company would add risk. Yet, we know that over 90% of all data and security risk comes from the “inside” of a company where access to information and systems is more readily capable.

Bottom line is you need to consider all the aspects of your “touch points” and the Cloud based or in-house system security aspects to ensure you are secure, as you need to be.

~Written by Todd Larsen , CEO of Limitless Technology~CRS

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