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Fiscal Cliff? Or Holiday Gift!


While each of us has our own opinion on the solutions to the financial burden plaguing America, the bottom line for why it’s happening is simple… We stopped controlling costs, and created policies that deepened debt.

1. Okay…now what???

2. What do we do?

3. How afraid should we be?

4. What can we control?

Here are some thoughts on how we can start making all of our holidays brighter and improving our countries economic future:

1. Voting better from now on and more often. How does one vote better? Well, voting better comes from research and understanding what’s happening in the country from a go forward political platform, while paying attention to historically relevant activities of the people we are voting for in their current roles. [There is another option however, if you don’t want to understand the issues and simply have an extra $16 trillion you can give to the Government]

If you are already doing this (the research and understanding part)…hurray you’re already making a difference. If you have decided to just give the money…then thank you for reading my newsletter Mr. Warren Buffet.

2. Understanding what is happening economically. As Henry Ford said, “It is well enough that the people of this nation do not understand our banking or monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Understanding the country’s finances gives you the best chance to be proactive vs. reactive when making decisions that impact your financial futures, possibly creating a beneficial economic revolution.

3. Depends. We should probably fear what we don’t know…but to avoid that, take out the time to build a plan to cover your down-side risk. If you feel insecure about building it yourself, get a financial professional to help you understand, and make some better or stronger choices for your personal and business future.

4. Starting with Ourselves and our Companies. And… a good start would be to take action now both personally and in business to best leverage your available assets. Protect yourself from the downside. Don’t stop spending; just don’t spend more money than you should for what you have, or better yet things that don’t enrich your potential.

Maybe what we should be really asking ourselves is how can we get involved locally to help increase “our collective voice of reason”? This question and answer benefits our future generation’s capabilities to make better choices and changes than…hmmmm maybe we, and our elected officials have in the past.

Oh yeah…you may be asking right now, “what about that Gift you mentioned?” Well, in my humble opinion this nation’s current financial cliff makes us take a deeper look at what is really going on, what changes are being made, and how they personally affect us. The real gift is that knowledge will bring better choices and changes that we will make in the future.

And while you may not fully agree with a single opinion, you have to agree better choices and better changes always create less stress and better possible gifts in the future.

What are your thoughts?

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