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Do fax machines need to survive? And at what Cost???


Good question.

Recently, I read a fellow Blog posting  regarding the debate of fax machines go forward existence.  The …Absolute best part of this question is…LOOK HOW MUCH RESPONSE IT GENERATED!

Here’s my comment first…

Whether or not your are passionate about fax machines staying or going, they like all “technology” will too be replaced. I agree with M. S. Ekelund on the legal signature aspect, and that too will change once a better, more cost effective and “easier to find than a pen option exists!”

That said…each Company and person should know that their are options and they SHOULD be explored, not from a form aspect or “I like this, and you like that aspect”….but from an efficiency, effectiveness and cost/conscious  reduction aspect.

Posted by: Todd Larsen, CEO of Limitless Technology~Cost Reduction Specialists


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No pain just the gain

At Limitless Technology, we save you 25 -30% of your current telecom bill spend without costing you an arm and a leg.