Happy Cell Phone Courtesy Month Everyone!

 Happy Cell Phone Courtesy Month Everyone!

OK. So you probably thought this was about the 4th of July and that there is no way that Cell Phone Courtesy Month is real…both of those assumptions were incorrect!

Cell Phone Courtesy Month is privately sponsored and was made to teach cell phone owners about the serious cellphone etiquette mistakes we make everyday.

Some  of these include:

1. Texting or calling people during any type of performance (not just movies)- Yes, it is rude and performers may even call you out for it (ask Adam Lambert)

2. Inappropriate ringers in public – Although whenever Sir Mix a-Lot’s “Baby’s Got Back” comes on a few people usually start dancing, I am sure no one wants to hear that at church or in the middle of dinner with your wife’s parents…

3. Talking loudly on cell phones – Just because the environment around you is loud, you should not take that as a challenge to defy sound by screaming into your phone. Let the phone call go to voice mail and call them back when you get to a more quiet surrounding…the people around you and the person calling you will thank you.

More of these tips can be found on line, but remember…even the most polite phone users could be paying too much on their telecom bills.