Limitless Exec Tech Corner

For Pleasure: Nikon Laser 1000 AS

This little gadget uses a laser to tell you how far from the green you are, but also is sensitive to the slopes and hills between your ball and the green. This will give users a better guide for distance and adjusts itself to the surrounding environment.

This item will take at least a few stokes off your game, exactly like Limitless Technology will take on average 20-30% off your telecom spend.

 For Business: ViewSonic Pro8300

This new projector’s images are visible in almost ALL brightness levels (So no more worrying about drawing the blinds and turning off the lights in the conference room).

The projector also provides high contrast HD images for under $1000 dollars! This way an investor can see every detail of your profit percentage pie chart, just like Limitless Technology can see every error on your phone bills.