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The Home of Tomorrow, Finally Arriving Today!

"The House of the Future Tomorrow, Today?"

All of us have seen advertisement for “The House of Tomorrow.” You imagine those old commercials with an automated house with every appliance being automated and animated.

Many might think “This is pure science fiction, or maybe something the extremely rich can afford to do.” That statement may have been true ten years ago, but it may not be true in 2013.

It depends on what your definition of “the home of the future “is. If your definition is a robot that serves you cool drinks by the pool, you could buy a fountain drink machine, but that’s the closest you’re going to get. Now, if you’re talking about your kitchen gadgets doing work for you? Well, then that is definitely a reality.

Smart appliances are becoming more common and affordable.  A smart fridge can help you budget and keep an inventory of what you have bought, saving you money and time at the grocery store.  Smart Tvs react to how long you watch TV and dim when it feels you are asleep. This makes your TV more energy efficient and reduces electricity costs. These changes make small to medium additions to the initial costs, but in the long run end up saving the user money.

Soon you’ll be telling Siri to turn the lights off, your fridge to figure out what you need to make dinner, and your closet to give you something comfortable to slip into for a night in with your smart TV and some popcorn you told your microwave to pop thirty minutes after the oven shut off.