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Plug Into The Internet: Plug Into Savings

Hint for Saving Money on your DSL: “DSL” or Digital subscriber line: a technology that allows high-speed transmission of text, audio, and video, usually over standard telephone lines

Has your Business had to call your local phone service provider to add internet or DSL to your account?

Are you aware that DSL can run over a basic phone or fax line, and that many times they add not only the DSL service but an additional voice line for the DSL to run over?

This additional $30 to $45 dollar expense can be easily avoided by, always requesting that the DSL service be added to an existing line such as your fax or alarm line; both of which can co-exist on the same telephone line. Faxes and modems use voice frequencies and are thus unaffected by your DSL service (Note: a filter may need to be added in some situations). By doing this you have cut your line costs or overall DSL expense, sometimes as much as in half, without affecting any of your existing services.


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