“How should one approach cloud computing initially?”


One should approach the cloud with enthusiasm and careful analysis. The Cloud is not “magic pixie dust” but a way to decrease CAPEX expenses, and utilize OPEX cash flows more beneficially.

At the same time one should analyze not just the hard costs to implement the Cloud but also the soft costs associated with the care, maintenance, programming, patching; virus, phishing and malware protection, employee resourcing, management of the employees, data center SAS 70 type 2 compliances, road map to SSAE 16 compliance, redundancy, telecom infrastructure, and the company or person helping to bring this solution to the Cloud.

The bottom line savings and support you get from the Cloud can be unbelievable! And the benefits of anywhere, any connection, on any device can be incredibly efficiency enhancing. But not thinking this solution through and moving to quickly without planning can be a down fall.

Think, plan and act….and all should be accomplishable in the Cloud.