Are Telecom Consultants worth their salt? Have you found that they save you as much as they promise?

Recently this question was posed in an open public social forum. Below was my response:

I believe that ethics, integrity and core values separate companies and people. Bad people exist in good companies and bad companies alike. Bad consultants usually lack a key ingredient for getting great value…integrity. But you cannot wrap an entire business market or term “consultants” into one ball of wax. As with all consultative or business offerings, you must take the time to evaluate the offering, ask for referrals (and call them), understand what is being offered (as offers from different consulting firms differ greatly) and be clear on the expectations and deliverables.

As a consulting firm that also delivers hardware and service based solutions, we believe in integrity before profitability. When it comes to evaluating us and our services…we believe what our customers say stands steadfast.

In the words of just one of our customers…

Consulate Health Care, conducted a comprehensive Telecom Audit with pretty dramatic savings. The audit included local phone service, long distance phone service, conference calling, cell phones and related mobile devices, broadband circuits, phone systems and telecom management. Findings from the audit helped Consulate save $900,000 or 25% of the company’s $3.6 million annual telecom spending. Limitless Technology is the company Consulate engaged to design and oversee the comprehensive Telecom Audit project.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

“We hired Todd’s company, Limitless Technology, to conduct a Telecom Billing Optimization project and review of our entire Telecom spending. The results achieved were eye-opening and well worth the cost of the engagement. Great results and value.” February 25, 2011

Gene Curcio
Executive Vice President
Consulate Management Company