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Is Fear of the Unknown Limiting Your Business’ Profits?

If You’re On The Wire About Trying Contigency Based Services, Read This Article:

Answer from a tenured CFO to my question: Why wouldn’t you perform a shared savings based no risk telecom/technology audit?

If you are reading this you may be as curious and perplexed as to why any “cost minded and profit responsible” business owner, Managing Member or C-Level executive wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to have a contingency based no risk audit of any kind performed for them?

I of course, providing this type of service to businesses of medium and large size, thought the same…why wouldn’t you? Well here are a few reasons why there were objections:

• It’s not that we shouldn’t do it, I just feel that my people responsible for that portion of the business, should already be handling this capability or responsibility.

• I am leery of services that cost me “nothing up front” when I know there is a cost to provide the service.

• It just sounds “too good to be true?”, so since perception is reality…it must be.

• I just don’t like not knowing “what my exact cost for the service will be”.

• How much work will this be on my people, and how disruptive will it be with all we have on our plates?

Okay, while taken back a bit, I saw the realism in this CFO’s eyes and the quandary over:

• Employed expectation

• Lack of trust

• Misperception

• Concern of unknown expenditure

• Costs of employee involvement and resource

However, as my mind began to work on answering these questions, I also understood these are common barriers to any service. But should that stop us from exploring the possibilities? I of course say no, but with good reason when it comes to what we do for our Clients, and I answered his questions below in order:

• Employed expectation

We respect that every company and organization has the potential to audit their billings, re-negotiate their own telecom contracts and get some form of respectable savings.

o Though, with over 30 years experience, and for over 7 years as a corporation, we have been successfully negotiating for companies who could have chosen to do it themselves. We produce maximum results by applying superior carrier expertise and benchmarking that most companies could never expect to acquire on their own.

o Also, it is not about IT, Procurement, Finance or a Business Unit not doing the best job they can, or from lack of technical experience in any way. Instead, it lies within the expert resources within our organization; those being former carrier service negotiators and high level executive telecom professionals, which are experienced in working with some of the largest and most well-managed companies in the world. Our resources have spent and continue to spend, each and every day aggressively engaging the carriers and providers of telecommunications services to minimize your expenditures.

o Not every situation or company is the same because of: unique needs, multiple geographic locations, utilization of numerous carriers, abundant telecom products/services and complex contract terms.

• Lack of trust

Testimonials from Clients ensure we deliver on our Promises. Click here to see testimonials.

• Misperception

A shared savings billing optimization / telecom audit is not something for nothing…instead it is no risk service, a truly big difference when it comes down to “too good to be true”. In fact…we do have an upfront shared savings advance we collect from our Clients. We collect this advance because we have real costs with internal employees,  associated with the level of expertise, work and due diligence placed into every billing optimization/ telecom audit we perform. However, we are so confident we will find significant savings we back it by a 110% Money Back Guarantee.

We offer a valuable solutions which further cuts costs and produces bottom-line savings in one of your largest expense areas. We also limit any disruption to your business work flows, and we can negotiate on your behalf at any time during our engagement. And… for peace of mind, we don’t look to change service providers unless it is in your absolutely best interest and you agree with our recommendation.

• Concern of unknown expenditure

Tell us…If you hired us to drill for oil on your property, and we agreed our fee would be based on the profits achieved from the well, would you want us to only dig 10 feet down? We deliver for your business immediate and significant savings, because “we dig deep”…averaging reductions of over 25% for most Clients.

o Bottom line we must PROVE the savings in order to be paid and – our Clients RECIEVE the refund, credit, or go forward savings before we invoice for our services.

• Costs of employee involvement and resource

WE FIND….FIX…FOLLOW-UP…and FINISH the tasks to make sure that it gets done, and is done right. – AN ENORMOUS TIMESAVER for our Clients. We literally become a virtual extension of your employee base at no cost to you.

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