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Nasty “Over Paying” Message to AT&T Written in the Sky?

As stated many times by Todd Larsen, CEO of Limitless Technology ~ Cost Reduction Specialists, “Why do we continue to overpay for data?” a recent public announcement by the CEO of one of the largest cellular co...


How Telecom Companies Can “Throttle” Your Business

Recently, AT&T has been under fire for misleading its customers on several of its program’s pricing strategies. Additionally, the FTC just discovered that AT&T is also affecting how a customer’s data fu...


What Kind of Leader Are you in Your Company?

    Everyone has a leadership style, and no two leaders are exactly alike. There have been thousands of studies on leadership, and there are various opinions on how to categorize leaders. This particu...


What is a Real Expert and Why Would I Hire One?

The use of the word “Expert” in our day and age has saturated the business market. Every business you go into, there is someone that says they are an expert in insurance, taxes, and every other industry you can...

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Why is Technology Billing so Difficult to Understand and Manage?

Or Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.                                        — Warren Buffett Telecommunications is the second highest non-operating expense for the average Fortune...

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Meet Tom!

Tom Carrigan is a skilled and innovative new employee whose leadership and technology based skills make him a perfect match for Limitless Technology CRS. Tom’s ability and skills in building and managing ...