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Don’t Punish Your Company During the Holidays

So, who wants to fill their own stocking with coal? Unless you own a struggling coal company the answer is no one. Well, you are “filling your company’s stocking with coal” every time you pay more than you have to on the company’s telecom bills.

You may ask “when do I overpay?” The answer is, every time you write a check to the telecom company. Companies like yours spend thousands and even hundreds of thousands more than they need to on their phone lines. With the hundreds of telecom errors that occur, it would be easy to slip by almost any IT, Finance or Operations person alike.

We know you have professional IT personnel for the technical things in the business, but how often does your IT department get together with your financial branch to review the billing? Probably not often…Right? This is because both groups don’t prefer to get into each other’s domain. The IT department knows all about the technology, and work off the budget they are given based on their requests. The finance department knows all about reducing spending, but doesn’t know the technology well enough to know what to identify on the bills. That’s where we come in.

We are both fluent and skilled in the IT and Financial areas of a business. We will find the best telecom plan for your business that will save you the most money while not compromising the integrity of your IT department. Think of us as your holiday Past, Present, and Future. We look into your past, reduce your telecom spend in the present, and make your company even stronger in the future.

See The Holidays for your company in a New Light, Call (866) 504 4050 or go to