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How to Turn A Gift into A College/ Retirement Fund

Every family has a few relatives that will never give a physical gift. They fear that they will be the relative that gives that ugly sweater or the toy that’s meant for three year olds, when your child’s…seventeen. So what do they do? They send money, and usually its more then what they would have spent on the gift!

Now when your children are 12 and below, do they really need that extra money? You know you already get them everything they asked for during the holidays, so that extra money doesn’t need to be sitting in their pockets.

Instead, put that money into a bank or high interest CD for a college fund. Fifty to a hundred dollars in a CD every year for twelve years will really add up and I promise your child will thank you later.

If the kids are already out of the house, why not start saving for yourself? You know you usually spend that money on more gifts, but you never planned on having that money in the first place so why not save now!

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