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Did you know Quadrillion Was A Real Number…that might just affect you?

A quadrillion dollars has fifteen zeros, and all those zeros showed up on a french woman’s telecom bill.

Solenne San Jose opened up her bill expecting a $115 cancellation charge. Little did she realize she was going to receive $15 quadrillion dollar bill! Obviously she was flustered by the massive bill ( I think for most people that number would make their heart stop), but she was at an advantage due to the fact that she knew it was a mistake.

A few stories like this have surfaced over the years. A telecom company will have a good customer that does what they are supposed to and slams and crams them with a extremely high bill. This will happen because the telecom company does not monitor that account very closely because the customer never complains call the telecom company. All these people know that a mistake was made in their billing. However, none of them realized it would be a struggle to make the phone company realize it had made an error, even with a bill that was 15 quadrillion dollars.

The short article above reveals two problems with telecom companies. When processing all those telecom bills, a mistake can be made and an extra zero can be hit… OK sometimes 15 extra zeros can be hit (Someone was leaning on their keyboard). Also, telecom companies’ employees don’t want to admit they made a mistake because a mistake looks bad for them and costs their company money.

Telecom companies make errors just like everyone else. They are very reluctant to change those errors because they do not want to be blamed for loss of revenue. Maybe your company is not being overcharged 15 quadrillion dollars, but an extra $50 here or $5,000 there over a period of years can really add up. The worst part is, unlike a huge amount of money, companies often miss these numerous but small mistakes because they are dealing with a big bill.

Limitless Technology CRS solves all the problems described above. We review all your telecom bills to make sure there are no billing errors. If there are billing errors, then we work with the telecom companies to get those errors corrected. Your company does not have to deal with your company’s loss of resources and employee time and does not have to stress about billing errors hurting your bottom line.


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