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One Man, A Thousand Phones

This man could call 1,135 people and never use the same phone. That’s right, Michael Phillips has over 1,000 phones and currently holds the World Record for the Largest Telephone Collection. Michael has been collecting telephones since the early 1980’s. He holds a variety of novelty and strange telephones.  All of his phones are unique, vintage, and often rare. One of his prized collection pieces is a superman telephone that is over 30 years old and is worth approximately $1,000 dollars.

Obviously Michael’s rare and valuable phones would make him money if he decided to sell them. However, most of us our not lucky enough to make money off our phones. Most companies, in fact, spend way more than they need to to have a telephone line. The average line costs companies $56 per month (that does not even include long distance).

If a company had 1,000 phone lines their cost per month would be about $56,000. The yearly total adds up to a stunning $672,000 a year (and that is just to talk to your customers!). Limitless Technology Cost Reduction Specialists often reduce companies telecom spend by 25%. That means you would 14,000 dollars, a $168,000 yearly savings!

Think about what your company could do with $168,000? Would you start a new ad campaign? Maybe you would hire a few more employees? Or just maybe you would buy your top 168 employees an antique Superman telephone.

Limitless Technology can provide you with these savings, call us at (866) 504 4050 or email us at for more information.