What one retirement community did to save over $70,000 in one year by entrusting LT~CRS

Retirement communities like most organization have expenses – lots of them!

Like everyone else all companies are looking to trim expenses without losing efficiency, quality and prompt service. Primrose Retirement Community recently worked with LT~CRS for just that reason and had a few words to say about their cost saving experience.



We would like to share that with you …

Primrose Retirement Communities contracted with LT~CRS to audit our total telecom spend. Our company has worked diligently to keep these expenses under control, however, we decided to use the services of LT~CRS to drive out any additional costs and correct any billing errors that had not been identified. We were very pleased with the process. After an initial collection of all our bills which our accounting department conducted, LT~CRS completed the remaining part of the audit with little to no work on our part.

Once they had determined cost savings opportunities they presented their findings in a form of a clear and concise email and Primrose either approved or declined the changes. It was only after the first month of proven savings did we get a bill from LT~CRS.

Our total savings was over $70,000+ in the first year with recovery errors at over $18,000+.

From my experience using LT~CRS is a no brainer as Primrose only paid for savings once they were proven and documented either on our current invoicing or in the form of a refund check or credit back to the account. As the Director of IT I would suggest to any IT department they use LT~CRS to ensure they have optimized rates and accurate billing.

Ian Zens
Director of IT
Primrose Retirement Communities

Few organizations like Primrose Retirement work so diligently to have excellent costing contracts and technology at their locations. Even though Primrose was so relentless in their pursuit of high quality low cost services, LT~CRS was still able to investigate further and find additional cost saving opportunities, present these savings and findings to Primrose, and once those recommendations were approved by Primrose actually implement these outstanding savings. Which to say the least delighted the customer highly!

LT~CRS drives out cost by;
1. Analyzing where costs are being overspent
2. Removing the overspend go forward
3. Getting customers back credits and refunds for the overspend

Even though companies, organizations and firms have a strong centralized telecom system and a picture of the resources spent on them, firms like LT~CRS that specialize in this expertise are able to uncover more dramatic savings and capabilities.

Managing telecom expenses also requires the ability to interpret contracts, escalate disputes and negotiate resolution of claims.

You may be asking or saying to yourselves…”I understand the audit, optimization and contract review benefits… But then what?”

That’s were TEM follows. Unlike many of our competitors, our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) service begins after a telecom audit is complete.

You see…once this poor billings and contracts are cleaned up TEM provides an ongoing process and expense measures check ad infinitum.

This continuance of the ongoing savings TEM provides, either on a monthly or quarterly basis, ensures your telecom provider is keeping your best interest and costs in mind by having expert resources reviewing it continually.

If you have questions regarding our Auditing, Billing Optimization, Contract Management, Consulting or Telecom Expense Management for your organization contact LT~CRS today.