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Travel Tips for the Holiday. DO THIS FIRST.

Find out exactly how much you will spend in gas with “Fuel Cost Calculators”.

The Holidays are usually a busy time for those who travel to meet with loved ones or just to get some time away and with gas prices so low – why not? As they continue to drop this week are you curious about how much your trip will cost you in fuel? Maybe you want to compare it to what you spent last year for the same trip.


At Limitless Technology – Cost Reduction Specialists (LT~CRS) we are always trying to find COST SAVING SOLUTIONS for our clients and for our readers. We know that holiday travel is approaching for many people this week and we wanted to share some tools that you might find helpful to budget your gas expenses or you may just be curious about well “how much will it cost to get from point A to point B and back”.

While there are a few determining factors of course in determining how much fuel will cost on your holiday trip like what kind of vehicle you drive, miles to travel, cost of gas – we found a few websites that factor in those calculations to determine fuel cost. You can actually select the vehicle make, vehicle year and vehicle model. It will determine your trip one way or round trip. Gas Buddy gives you more options like US or Metric measurements, City or Highway and size of tank. The US Department of Energy site uses a City Driving Percentage Gauge. This site also provides fuel saving tips like these:

Did you know?

• Gas mileage usually decreases rapidly at speeds above 50 mph. You can assume that each 5 mph you drive over 50 mph is like paying an additional $0.15 per gallon for gas.

• Hauling Cargo on your roof increases wind resistance and lowers fuel economy. A large, blunt roof-top cargo box, for example, can reduce fuel economy by around 2% to 8% in city driving, 6% to 17% on the highway, and 10% to 25% at Interstate speeds (65 mph to 75 mph).

What is great about these tools as well is the ability to compare your household vehicles to determine which of them is most cost effective. We hope you find these tools helpful whether determining how much you can save by taking a different vehicle, how much cargo to take, routing your trip differently or just being able to “plug in” your fuel costs on your travel expense spreadsheet.

We hope you are enjoying your Holiday week. If you have questions regarding business cost reduction contact Limitless Technology ~ Cost Reduction Specialists today.