Straight 8 Questions About Telecommunications

Often times we need to stop and ask ourselves tough questions which quite honestly…lead us to the best answers. It’s these questions that highlight the integrity of our decision making process and increase our ability to make better decisions in the future.


Now these questions come in all types of “sizes and flavors” in business, and are usually best presented in a specific area of concentration to maximize their value. Whether he questions pertains to sales distribution, operational effectiveness, HR compliance, etc. Here are a few:


Sales Distribution

1. How do I define my business?

2. How is my company different from the competition?

3. How do clients benefit from my product/service offering?

4. Who are my ideal clients – and what am I currently doing to attract them? What new things can I do to entice them?

5. Are my sales currently growing at a desirable rate?

6. What is my idea of ideal salespeople? Do I currently have enough people who fit that profile on my staff? If not, what can I do to attract them?

7. What is my current marketing budget? Is it adequate to achieve my sales goals?

8. Do I have an effective referral program in place?

9. Is my product/service best suited for selling directly or indirectly to the end customer? (Direct sales are made when you sell right to the end user. Indirect sales utilize a middleman or reseller.)

10. What, if any, specific niches will I target? How will I find them and reach them within my geographic locations?


Operational Effectiveness

1. How would you define ‘World Class’ in terms of operational excellence?


3. What specific customer satisfaction improvement action items need to be initiated immediately?

4. What measurable results must be achieved and when?

5. What specific business process improvements will we achieve over the next six months (12 months, 18 months, 24 months)?

6. In what three areas have we achieved breakthrough business results?

7. What five immediate actions are required to initiate, invigorate or enhance our operational performance?

8. Do we have clear, time-phased, measurable objectives for operational performance improvement, and is accountability clear?

9. What outside consulting assistance is needed to assist our organization to more quickly achieve business goals?


HR Compliance

1. Are HR goals in line with those of the organization?

2. Do job descriptions exist for all jobs?

3. Are workplace policies in place that focus on your workplace?

4. Are compensation levels monitored and reviewed?

5. Are employees correctly designated as exempt or nonexempt per FLSA?

6. Are employees informed about their benefits?

7. Is there a system for performance evaluation?

8. Is there a whistleblower policy in effect?

9. Are workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses reported and investigated?

10. Are employees trained on discrimination issues?

11. Are all appropriate labor posters displayed in a conspicuous place?

12. Are documents regarding employees kept for their required duration?

There is no doubt that no one question, nor one answer will ever be possible to ensure the best decisions, however the right series of questions can point us to a better decision making process.


Since our company focuses on the reduction of telecom expense, here are some of these questions when it pertains to cost effectiveness in telecommunication spend?


Here are just a few:

1. Does your firm have experience on both sides of the negotiating table, on behalf of carriers and end users?

2. Does your firm have 5 or more years experience in telecom contract negotiations?

3. Does your firm have 5 or more years experience in telecom bill auditing – and not merely phone bill audits?

4. Does your firm have a telecom attorney on staff or available to review contracts from a legal perspective?

5. Are your employees incented to save the company money?

6. Do you have LEC, CLEC, MSO, Wholesale, Resale, Wire-line and Wireless billing experience auditing all of these platforms?

7. Have you had your bills audited by anyone besides your carrier or other related telecom vendor in the past 18 months?

8. Would you bet your life savings on being 100% optimized for your Company?


If you answered No to 3 or more of these questions you may want to think about what you may need to help you minimize costs and maximize profits.~


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