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Why the Cloud can be attractive and is being courted so often now…”or is it just lipstick on a pig”?


Posted by: Todd Larsen, CEO of Limitless Technology~Cost Reduction Specialists

 ~ Cloud adoption has risen based on a variety of factors such as; increased improvements in hosted VoIP solutions, along with the need to reduce capital outlay.

The ROI, TCO and MRR price points when looked at in total (soft and hard costs combined) with the right provider also returns significant cost value.  Another cause of higher adoption can only naturally be based on the OPEX Vs CAPEX proposition in a tumultuous economic time.

Reduction in upfront and overall total costs will always be a growth driver.

However, transparency is the biggest challenge in moving to cloud computing, not security or price. Yet, IT departments not only have to ensure cloud deployments comply with external and internal regulations, but they need to be able to prove that compliance to auditors and regulators. Security may be second to transparency, but it is still a key consideration for companies moving to cloud in pursuit of greater IT agility and flexibility for rapid response to business challenges.

For most organizations, the move to cloud provides the opportunity of increased security as cloud providers typically invest more in security and have greater staff and intelligence resources. While most companies are adopting a step-by-step approach to cloud starting with non-critical elements, some that have already moved all applications and infrastructure to the cloud. Cloud does not necessarily meet all requirements necessary for sound business choices, so organizations need to look at what areas of the business cloud can improve operations, functionality, efficiency, as well as, consider the cost benefits that could be gained.

Most cloud providers are serious about what they are doing and encourage high standards in the industry. Still wise choices must be made so that “dating” the solution’s possibilities, doesn’t end up in a marriage that “hogs” resources, time or cash.


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