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Director of OPS Saves Retirement Home $37,000 Annually – (17%)

pdf-icon-1September 16, 2016: Lake Mary, FL – The Cottages contracted with LIMITLESS to audit telephone, cable television, and internet expenses, and to renegotiate and renew most of those contracts. “Initially, I was hesitant and skeptical.  I didn’t believe there was any money to be recovered, and I didn’t anticipate that there was much savings to be had. LIMITLESS finally convinced me that I had nothing to lose and that the time required from me was minimal so I finally caved and signed. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner, Director of Operations.” READ MORE

Director of IT Saves Healthcare Group $621,000 Annually – (31%)

pdf-icon-1September 14, 2016: Lake Mary, FL – Plum Healthcare Group, LLC was approached by Limitless at a NIC (National Investment Conference). After hearing how LIMITLESS could help Plum find significant savings by thoroughly auditing bills and plans, Plum engaged with LIMITLESS. Plum was very interested in the savings LIMITLESS could provide because in the past 14 years, Plum had been growing rapidly through acquisitions, including a very large purchase in 2011 of 27 facilities. “I always had a nagging feeling that there were many phone lines and services no longer in use and never really addressed during the transactions. After working on several buildings, my sense of waste was confirmed”, Director of IT. READ MORE

Consumer Alert: Cell Phone Cramming  – as seen on FOX 35 News

Are you paying more than you owe for your cell phone? Well, you just may be, and if so, you’re not along. Millions of Americans are paying more than $2 billion a year in unauthorized illegal charges on their cell phone bills. The practice is called cramming, but the good news is there are ways to avoid the mysterious hidden fees. We’ve all been caught cramming for a test, but cramming on our cell phone bill? “Cramming is the appearance of charges on your cell phone bill and your landline bill at home or in your business where inappropriate charges may be appearing that you didn’t register for or you were mislead on charges that may have come up on your bill now,” explains Todd Larsen, owner of Limitless Technology in Lake Mary. READ MORE

LIMITLESS at the Seminole County Business Show

NOV. 2011: Seminole County Business Show at the Lake Mary Events Center from 10-4. Come See Us!!!

LIMITLESS Sponsors Orlando Business Journal Virtual Trade Show

The Orlando Business Journal’s Summer Virtual Trade Show is a unique online event specifically devoted to the Central Florida business community, allowing you to experience the interaction and benefits of attending a live trade show without the expense of registration, travel and lodging.

LIMITLESS Featured in Success Magazine

LIMITLESS is a boutique telecommunications provider located in Lake Mary since 2006. Services the company provides include billing optimization, technical networking, single source solutions and consulting, for small to medium sized businesses with as few as two employees to as many as 5,000. “We help people save money and become more effective and efficient in their telecommunication needs,” said Todd Larsen, owner and president of LIMITLESS. “We’re here to help anyone running a business that needs help with technology,” in a variety of sectors, Larsen said, from sales to construction and finance, government and health care. “We have a general approach to the market.” READ MORE

Holiday Gift Ideas, courtesy of Todd Larsen in Success Magazine

What to get the busy high-powered executive who seems to have it all? When in doubt, technological gadgets that help busy executives stay in touch with business contacts are always a plus. Below are a few suggestions, courtesy of Todd Larsen of Limitless Technology in Lake Mary, that can’t be passed up. According to Larsen, the iPad tablet will be a top Christmas gift. The 8×10 tablet is a consolidation of all of an executive’s smaller gadgets into a single machine, which takes the place of a netbook, e-reader, gaming device, e-mail device and iPod. While the 16GB version may not be powerful enough for significant display or spreadsheet work, it’s more than adequate for the casual to average user. And with new applications coming out weekly, there is always something available to make this device even better. READ MORE