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iOS6 Release

Most People know the new iPhone software is out there, but do you know how to upload it to your phone?

If you don’t know how to update your software, it is very easy. Go to Settings, General, then hit Software Update while being connected to your Wi-Fi.The iOS6 will show up.

Download it and see exactly what this review is talking about!

Most of its modifications are slight or may cause frustration for iPhone’s customers. The new screen for phone dialing and the different colors on the back of the text message app. These seem to be just enough to please the eye and make it feel like Apple changed its hardware quite a bit.

The new feature that is most prevalent is the Maps application, which seems to have some slight issues. The 3D Application might leave  something to be desired, and I personally prefer the free MapQuest application’s voice navigation software.

What is your opinion? Do you like, dislike, or can you even recognize the software difference?

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