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Other Ways To Save – Occupancy Sensor Technology

Install Occupancy Sensors in spaces that are identified as unoccupied on a regular basis. Spaces to consider include executive offices, photocopier rooms, and conference rooms. Selection of appropriate spaces requires an accurate understanding of how the spaces are currently used. It may be worthwhile to measure and document space occupancies by simply having someone walk around at regular intervals to see which spaces are occupied. ·

These sensors employ a variety of technologies that can detect heat, motion, sound or some combination of these. Most are adjustable in the amount of motion/heat/sound necessary to switch and keep lights on, and the period of time without sensing before turning lights off.

Occupancy Sensors can result in a wide range of savings, depending on the occupancy pattern of the room and the habits of the occupants as many electric Companies offer incentive programs for installing occupancy sensors. Rebates are paid by each sensor in most cases and other paid by the amount of lighting load reduced.